Electric motor manufacturer Evoy has launched two new inboard motors, the Inboard Storm 300+ hp and the Inboard Breeze 120+ hp.

Evoy says that its latest releases meet the burgeoning demand for versatile, high-performance inboard motor systems that fit multiple boat models, from smaller planing hull boats to larger displacement boats.

Both the Storm and Breeze are compatible with stern drives, waterjets, and shaft applications.

Inboard Storm 

Evoy says it developed the Storm to meet customer demand for strong continuous horsepower with a smaller footprint and a lower price point. 

The Storm sits in-between Evoy’s workhorse inboard motor, the Inboard Hurricane, and the smallest motor system, the Inboard Breeze 120+ hp, and is designed for commercial and recreational boats sized 25 to 35 feet with single installation, and 30 to 45 feet with dual installation. 

“The Inboard Storm is the culmination of all the exciting things about the Evoy systems. It has all the accumulated heritage and knowledge of the Hurricane,” says Marius Dyrseth, chief technical officer at Evoy. “The Storm’s 300 hp power rating is continuous. It’s powerful and reliable. It’s very responsive. And it’s easy to install.”  

Leif Stavøstrand, Evoy CEO, adds: “The Inboard Storm is a powerful unit that fits big commercial and leisure boats. It has a strong appeal for commercial customers, government and port sectors for example, because it has a strong ROI. They earn their investment back quickly. It reduces operating expenses because its low maintenance and customers can eliminate fossil fuels. Lastly, customers have told us that they love the fact that electric motors can be used instantaneously and don’t have to be pre-warmed before use.”

Inboard Breeze 

Designed for a diverse range of boats from small, fast planing hull boats to larger, slower moving displacement boats and yachts, the Inboard Breeze 120+hp is said to offer unequalled continuous power and torque for its size, with its adaptability giving it appeal in recreational as well as commercial segments, including tourism and aquaculture. 

“The release of the Breeze is a very important milestone for us, addressing a major void in the electric propulsion market,” comments Stavøstrand.

“Since the beginning of Evoy there has been a big ask for this size, so we are excited to have it available. Since it fits in both smaller planing hull boats and larger displacement boats, this is a true game changer, where we allow a whole new segment of boaters to go fossil-fuel free and enjoy the silence of irresistible boating.”

Evoy is also supplementing its battery selection by working with additional suppliers to offer more options for power density, range, and price as customers design their individual system to meet their boating needs. 

In addition, after successful test-runs providing a generator set/range extender to existing customers, Evoy is offering extended range capabilities to all current and future boat owners.  Range extenders up to 20 kVa/kW are plug and play, while larger gen-sets can also be connected. 

In August (2023) Nero unveiled its new 777 Evolution, powered by Evoy’s 300+kW (400ps) Hurricane inboard motor.

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