Now these are really good and one of my favourite boating lunches or snacks whilst sailing along. The smell of cheese cooking is great on a boat, gets everyone hungry, including the dogs.

Quick to make, no washing up (as you can just wipe out the frying pan, smell great when cooking and satisfying for your stomach.

Nutty/seeded sliced brown bread
Lancashire cheese or decent cheddar
Sliced ham

1. Butter 2 x slices of bread
2. Place butter side down in frying pan
3. Place ham and cheese on top
4. Cover with bread, buttered side up
5. Fry on full heat until golden, turn over
6. Wrap in foil and hand out to crew (NB foil can be reused or go into the bin, no rubbish gets thrown into the sea)

Variations can have onions, tomato toasted with various types of cheese from Camembert to Cheddar, white or brown bread.
A good tip is to let some small bits of cheese fall out and gets toasted on the outside of the toasted sandwich, really delicious.

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