These Cheese toasties are so good at sea for the whole crew. This one is particularly delicious using a home made sun dried tomato & fennel seed paste and Wensleydale cheese with a brown nutty, seeded loaf. Grab one quick as they don't hang around very long!

To make the sun dried tomato and fennel seed paste
1. Place small ripe tomatoes on an oven tray with a little olive oil and place in oven on low to dehydrate.
2. Once cool, skin the tomatoes and chop finely.
3. In a small jar add chopped chillies, crushed or chopped garlic, good quality fruity tasting olive oil, decent amount of fennel seeds, plus the chopped tomatoes and mix.
4. Keep in the fridge and use with pasta, sandwiches, casseroles and on BBQ food.

INGREDIENTS - (to make 4 sandwiches)
8 slices of seeded, nutty brown bread
1 medium onion, chopped and sweated
Wensleydale cheese
Sun dried tomato and fennel paste

1. Sweat the onion first and place in a bowl.
2. Place a small knob of butter in the frying pan, and place two slices of bread in.
3. Cover with a 1 teaspoon of the paste, some onions and crumble the Wensleydale over the bread.
4. Place the other two slices of bread over, plus spread small knobs of butter on top and fry on high heat.
5. When brown and crispy, turn over and repeat until crispy.
6. Serve immediately to the crew.

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