With the weather turning autumnal, we thought it was a great idea to share a lovely warming dish you can prepare and enjoy onboard.

Its so easy to make a meal by using potatoes and eggs as a base, then depending on what is left in your food locker, add varying other ingredients.

The best frittatas are made with free range organic local eggs with really yellow yolks and organic small potatoes from a local farmers field. Cooking with substandard eggs can be compared to a motor boat without with a bent shaft!

Ingredients -

Cooked cold crushed potatoes
6 eggs (Ours were from Falmouth Water taxi free range eggs)
Smoked bacon lardons
Creamy blue cheese

Instructions -

1. Fry the potatoes and lardons at the same time until golden.
2. Add the blue cheese and let melt into the potatoes
3. Pour the beaten eggs over the mixture carefully so it doesn't over flow, or place all ingredients into a bowl then pour back into the frying pan.
4. Place in oven and brown

Bon appetit!