Shhhh, keep this quiet and don't tell anyone but we've had great success in placing our pot down for a free meal using a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce, yikes, who would have thought we'd catch anything on that bait!

The rules are ....

1. Never take undersized crabs or lobsters.
2. Never pull up fishermans pots
3. Place your pot well away from other pots

1. You need a lobster or crab pot
2. Bait it with mackerel heads (or we find a Lydls tin of mackerel in tomatoe sauce does the trick!)
3. Place down at night time
4. Pull it up first light

1. Always fish responsibly
2. If the crabs or lobsters have eggs, place them back in the sea
3. Undersized Lobsters or Crabs, return to the sea.