It's summer, and you may be getting to drop a line into the water when out sailing. Even if you aren't, the ingredients for this recipe can all be bought from the supermarket.

Packet sage and onion mix makes a great crust on most fish. Its really great with mackerel as its a stronger flavour and the sage & onion doesn't mask the flavour.

Today for lunch we had Sea bass with the sage and onion crust and spinach whilst on anchorage in the River Fal.

Sea bass fillets
Sage and onion stuffing
1 egg

1. Coat the flesh side of fillets with egg, then dip into the sage and onion stuffing.
2. Heat frying pan, place a generous knob of butter in, then place the fillets skin side down and cook until golden.
3. Turn the fillets over
4. Wilt the spinach and serve

Its also great placing the fillets in-between brown buttered bread and eat as a hot sandwich.