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Boatshed's Eco credentials Report 2021

Green Headquarters.
We only use electric at our main HQ and all power is Green Tariff only.
Heating is electric. On/off quick start controlled via the web, we only heat the building when we use it.
Hot water, lighting, cooking and cooling are also ALL electric.
What does electric is supplied via a Green Tariff mean?
All the renewable energy we sell through our green energy tariffs is sourced from wind farm generation and backed by green energy certificates known as Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).

Green Hosting Boatshed Platform
Boatshed use Amazon Web Services and Rackspace to host and deliver their Cloud based platform .
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is committed to running their business in the most environmentally friendly way possible and achieving 100% renewable energy usage for their global infrastructure. (source AWS)
Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud company, recently unveiled its new UK data centre. Delivering an outstanding Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 compared to the average data centre today rating of 1.7, and with a design BREEAM assessment certification of ‘Excellent’, it is one of the UK’s greenest data centres.
Boatshed is hosted in one of the first data centres to make use of innovative 'indirect outside air' cooling technology, without the need for mechanical cooling, which means the overhead energy required to operate the data centre has been cut by almost 80 per cent.
Plus Boatshed servers within the data centre deliver less weight, less waste and less wattage than traditional server designs whilst retaining maximum power output and reliability for the Boatshed Platform.

Electric Transport
Many Boatshed operations use EV transport, this includes cars, scooters etc etc, even the boatshed skateboard is electric. Note our unique wet central heating system works via rapid heat electric boilers with old Victorian radiators that hold heat for much longer.

Cutting Carbon across our network.
Travelling to see boats via car/air/public transport creates lots of carbon emissions. Boatshed's online and transparent information reduces unnecessary viewings and boat visits compared to traditional yacht brokers who favour a physical "more sales visits" approach.

87% less Carbon
Based on data going back over 20 years studies conclude customers of Boatshed generate significantly less Co2 compared to traditional yacht brokers because they travel much less during the boat buying process.

Average distance to view a boat is 175 miles according to Boatshed data.
Average family car produces 300grm of co2 per mile.
Initial physical viewings average 2.2 visits for Boatshed compared to 15.8 for traditional yacht brokers. This creates an average of 840kg of Co2 for a Traditional Yacht Broker and only 116kg of Co2 for the Boatshed boat buying process.
Our virtual viewings and guided VR tours have made significant improvements to the overall number of journeys made by our customers and brokers.
Environmental footprint co2 created when buying a boat with Boatshed is only 13% of traditional yacht brokers.

A business anywhere approach means less carbon and much cleaner use of resources. "We do not all travel to work as the platform enables anyone in Boatshed to work from anywhere" claims a typical Boatshed broker.

Our main HQ in Gosport offers an ideal venue for training and meetings, if it is not fulfilling these tasks it can be simply powered down and minimises use of resources until it is needed again.

( This article is based on Boatshed and EPA data sources 2021)