Thursday 20th September hosted ladies day at the PSP Southampton boat show with lots of beautifully dressed women.

Some selected women in industry were selected to spend the day with the boat show sponsors PSP. Boating and non boaty celebs met with women in the marine industry, to talk about experiences, challenges and how to excel in this economy. The day started with meeting Shelly Jory, Geoff Holt, Dee Caffari, Natasha lambert and Lucy Rivers Bulkeley, read more about it below.

After a champagne breakfast we were escorted to the marina where we met Shelly Jory who talked about her latest projects. Jo Dixie-Goodwin PSP Sponsor met us in her wet suit after canoeing competitions had just finished on the marina after competing against our very own Olmpic athlete K1 paddler Lizzie Neave.

Shelly took us down to Geoff Holts boat Wet Wheels for a short boat trip to show us how the boat performs and how people with disabilities like Geoff and Natasha can drive the boat. Wet Wheels is set up for taking people with disabilities out onto the water.

After our fantastic boat trip out on the water we headed up for lunch in the PSP hospitality lounge where Dee Caffari talked to us about her latest projects re taking UAE women out sailing and the cultural challenges that need to be taken into consideration.

It wasn't all boating as all marine industry women then undertook a master class of the classic mojito cocktail, where technical terms such as spanking the mint and muddling come into play!

The British Marine Federation organised the Women in Industry Event for the second year. Fiona Pankhurst from Raymarine introduced the inspirational speaker Lucy Rivers Bulkeley who talked to the second annual meeting of Women in Industry. Lucy spoke about her drive to raise funds for Macmillan charity in memory of her father. First European woman to complete 4 Desert Grand Slam. 250km in 6 days across the Atacama, Gobi, Sahara & Antarctica and future quests in training for Everest.

The day ended with Harry Hammersmiths and the Flyovers 11 piece blue's band with Frank Dixie MD of PSP and his Daughter Jo singing blue songs and the whole marine industry all joining together on the dance floor.

Shelly Jory
Business woman/ British Power Boat Champion. Shelley Jory is one of the UK's leading powerboat racers and the top female in the world.

Geoff Holt
The first quadriplegic sailor to sail solo across the Atlantic and now runs WetWheels charter boat set up for taking disabled people

Lucy Rivers Bulkeley
First European woman to complete 4 Desert Grand Slam. 250km in 6 days across the Atacama, Gobi, Sahara & Antarctica.

Natasha Lambert
15 years old and I live on the Isle of Wight Mum, Dad and Little sister. She loves being outdoors and taking part in sports, swimming walking geocaching, climbing and abseiling. She has athertoid cerebral palsy which affects all my limbs and speech. "The messages from my brain don't go to the muscles I need them too and kind of get lost along the way, which is really frustrating! So I need help 24/7 with all sorts of things."
I went sailing 2 years ago and has now broken Geoff Holts record for sailing round the Isle of Wight in a sail boat, Learn more about Natasha

Dee Caffari MBE
Dee is a British sailor, and in 2006 became the first woman to sail single-handedly and non-stop around the world "the wrong way"; westward against the prevailing winds and currents.