Image: Jotun Yachting

A new UK initiative now sees all three Jotun Yachting retail Antifouling products backed by a fouling performance guarantee.  NonStop II, Racing and Mare Nostrum users will have up to nine months peace of mind that their hull is protected from fouling.

Jotun Yachting is a leading coatings manufacturer and has an antifouling product for every boat type and usage, with a proven track record protecting vessels across the world, from the fastest racing dinghies to the largest superyachts. The attention to detail and technology required to satisfy the most discerning owners is implemented across the yachting range with the antifouling products very much benefiting from this.

Making the decision to change antifouling has always been a difficult one, with concerns regarding compatibility and performance being a major factor.  Jotun Yachting has full confidence that their antifoulings will protect hulls throughout the season and are able to directly overcoat the vast majority of existing coatings (silicone based coatings are not overcoat-able), but know that it is difficult to just take their word for it.

For this reason the antifouling performance guarantee was created. For up to 9 months, customers can have full confidence that Non Stop II, Racing or Mare Nostrum will provide fouling protection for their boats.

The antifouling guarantee is administered by the Jotun Yachting UK retail distribution partner, Bainbridge Marine and the guarantee length varies depending on the product purchased.  For more information visit

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