We receive lots of nice letters of recommendation, but not many customers produce poetry! This "Ode to Boatshed" made us all chuckle here at Boatshed HQ

John & Julia recently bought a Cranchi Aquamarina 31 from Russ & Gary Francis, Boatshed Algarve based in Albufeira and seem very pleased with the result !

It seems that many people,
Have a dream, to which they cling,
That one day they’ll own a cruiser,
…But how to choose the bloody thing?

They say that when you buy it,
Its the best day of your life.
But you need to do your homework,
Or that joy may turn to strife!

So we started buying boat mags,
And absorbing what they said.
And perhaps we had good fortune,
When we stumbled on “Boatshed”!

Then we started to get ‘boaty’,
Saying “bow” instead of “front”.
But these Boatshed guys are careful,
Just to show you what you want.

You will start, I’ll be quite sure,
With a budget, maybe rough,
But I’ll add with some conviction,
That it will not be enough!

‘Cos you’ll find your true ambition,
Is just slightly out of range,
(This has always been my problem.
And I just find it very strange!)

“Now will you poddle round the harbour?
Or will you sail to the Azores?”
These Boatshed boys will focus,
On your plan,……..with all it’s flaws!

There are diesel boats, and petrol boats,
There are props and stern drive too,
There are fishing boats and skiing boats,
“……And will you need a loo?”

You’ll need a licence for the driver,
You’ll need some papers for the boat,
You’ll need some papers for the mooring,
….you need papers just to float!

You’ll need fenders for the paintwork,
You’ll need flares to go offshore.
And buying them ain’t easy…..
More paperwork?…….for sure !

I’m not sure about my buddies,
Who say “a bigger boat’s the game”
…’Cos the diesel pump attendant
Already uses my first name!

So now we’ve got this Cranchi,
She gives our holidays a plus!
Thus we’d cheerf’ly recommend you,
Round to Gar,…… and to Russ!