RS Sailing launch the new Mk2 RS Feva

RS Sailing has announced the launch of the new Mk2 RS Feva. After 20 years, a deck design upgrade has been implemented to the model.

The Mk2 RS Feva has been developed by the RS design and technologies team. Throughout the process of updating the RS Feva deck design, the original hull shape was maintained, ensuring the Mk1 Feva would not become obsolete. Already a trusted choice for families, clubs and national authorities, the company says the Mk2 developments will give the boat greater durability and better ease of use for a wider range of sailors.

“As many of you know, I’m incredibly passionate about the RS Feva, and it’s a class that I hold close to my heart,” says Jon Partridge, RS Sailing CEO – commercial. “The Mk2 design upgrades will not only ensure that the RS Feva has better ease of use, durability and easier maintenance, but it will fortify the future of this ever-growing class.”

As part of the upgrade, the outer parts of the thwart have been lowered, which allows the helm to move more easily through the boat, and a redesign to the foredeck and tack bar improves spinnaker deployment and retrieval.

It’s said the RS drainage assemblies will make a huge difference to sailors as they can now sit stationary in light winds or reverse on a start line without the fear of filling the cockpit with water. The flaps on the system create a seal that stops water from entering through the assemblies.

A 6:1 kicker will be standard spec for the RS Feva S, RS Feva Race and RS Feva XL so that all RS Feva sailors have the control systems required to sail the boat well.

Full details of the redesign can be found on the company’s website.

The MK1 RS Feva hull and deck shape remain fundamentally the same, the underwater profile is identical, and all the spars, foils and sails for the RS Feva are compatible with the Mk2 hull. RS Sailing says it can confidently assure owners that no boats will become obsolete due to the Mk2 upgrades.

Alex Newton-Southon, RS Sailing CEO – design & technologies, adds: “It felt right after 20 years of successful manufacturing to focus on the RS Feva. The RS Feva has been a global success, and we were incredibly conscious that any changes needed to enhance the sailing and ownership experience without making the Mk1 obsolete.”

The Mk2 RS Feva will be available in the UK by the autumn/winter of 2022, with stock making its way out to their global network shortly after.

Earlier this month, MIN reported that RS’ marine group of businesses (RS Sailing and RS Electric Boats), had launched the all-new Cheetah Adventure 720 family catamaran. The boat is currently on display at SIBS, in berth M701.