Sea Sure wins award, and launches L-series at Seawork

Not content with winning the Marine Equipment and Materials Innovation Award for its Omega shock mitigating seat insert at this year’s Seawork, Sea Sure has launched its latest Shock-wbv suspension seat the ‘L Series’.

The development of the Omega seat inserts was part of the company’s quest to make working, and leisure life, on water more comfortable.

It’s described as a versatile, flexible and hard-wearing modular seat insert system devised to decrease shock and its modular design means it fits within any sized cushions. The larger the cushion, the more units are used.

As reported in MIN, Omega inserts are manufactured from an extremely flexible and hard-wearing rubber material that returns to full height for the next wave impact, the exceptionally fast rebound keeps up with the fastest boats, providing a smoother ride. 

‘It’s nice to be recognised for the hours of development we’ve put into this product over the last couple of years, and it’s great that the industry likes our low cost simple solution to make life more comfortable on a boat, or days at work,” says Dan Henderson, Sea Sure’s marketing director (pictured above with the award).

This good news comes on top of the fact that the new suspension seats which the company’s launching, featuring a Fox float shock absorber, have already been chosen by America’s Cup American Magic team for use in all their chase and support boats.

Designed to significantly reduce shock wave on the water – but differing in size to suit requirements – Shock-wbv units can be fitted to new boats (or retrospectively by owners) to reduce whole body vibration. Retro-fitting on inshore commercial and leisure boats is a straightforward, cost effective process that will significantly increase the time spent comfortably on the water, says Sea Sure.

“A lot more people have come into power boating over the past decade and that’s been our push to look at what is needed,” says Henderson. “Many of our designs were actually spearheaded from our MD Graeme who had a powerboat but wanted to turn an ordinary seat into a suspension seat and make it a more comfortable ride.”

He explains that the latest L Series provides longer travel suspension seats which can be used in high end power boats, including the military where users need to be on top form when they land. Reducing shock and vibration within these travel scenarios is key for optimum performance.

“The seats are situated on a track system. Where many vessels nowadays have tracks running down the floor, the units can be fitted directly to what they already have. This design gives users the ability to move seats around and change the configuration, whether they want to put more seats in or have less.

“Everything centres around a baring system that enables the seats to go up and down without any play in them and allows for height adjustment. These are also the only seats designed with wings because when you are going along fast, you never take the impact from waves completely straight on. Sometimes they’re from the side which throws your body off centre, so the wings provide support so you won’t move around as much. We also use recycled material in the seats, which are resin infused.”

As reported in MIN, the company previously invested in a new machining centre in Feb 2021 to aid its specialist work for the British Olympic squad boats, and produce components for International Moths, Nacra 17’s and Finns.