Silent-Yachts launches carbon-fibre electric tender

Silent-Yachts, builder of solar-electric yachts, has revealed its first dedicated tender design — the Silent Tender 400.

The Silent Tender 400 (ST400) is an electric tender that measures four metres from transom to bow. The boat borrows a number of the style cues from the boat builder’s much larger 60ft and 80ft electric catamarans, including angular lines, the rebated bulwark and black and white finish.

The model’s carbon fibre lay-up ensures that the hull weighs no more than 90kg. That means it is lighter to lift out using the hydraulic bathing platform of a Silent 60, easier for the mother ship to carry and crucially, far more efficient to propel through the water.


“We are very proud to present the new Silent Tender 400, which is one of the most efficient electric tenders on the market,” says Silent-Yachts founder and CEO Michael Köhler. “It follows the same design principles as our award-winning electric yachts, with dimensions that enable it to fit both the Silent 60 series and Silent 80 series yachts. What is more, the hull gives passengers a really dry ride, even at speed and in confused seas.”

Designed to carry six people, the Silent Tender 400 was conceived as a tender for the solar-powered Silent 60 series yachts. But the model can also make a good electric runabout or an efficient tender for a conventional yacht.

Designed with a central console, the Silent Tender 400 has simple, intuitive controls, including a throttle, leather-padded wheel and a display showing speed, heading and depth. Meanwhile, the driver’s seat is flanked by two other seats, and there are two bow seats – all provided with handholds. Boarding is via a step in the lowered bulwarks amidships.


Owners are able to choose between various inboard and outboard propulsion options. Inboard power comes via a 20kW electric waterjet, offering extremely low draught and ease of handling. With the sportier outboard, input power is either 20kW or 30kW, depending on the package selected. The higher rated motor is capable of propelling the boat at more than 20 knots.

For performance reasons, Silent-Yachts has engineered the boat to carry either a standard 16kWh lithium battery or an upgraded 20kWh unit for more range. At a 10-knot cruising speed, owners can expect a minimum of two hours drive time. Fast on-board charging can replenish the battery in just 2.5 hours.

“Silent-Yachts is already working on a larger 5.1m electric tender, specifically designed to fit the garage of the Silent 80 series yachts,” Köhler adds.

Silent-Yachts recently acquired a new-build facility in Fano on Italy’s Adriatic coast, comprising several hangars for building and outfitting its Silent 60 and 80 series models. The site includes five construction sheds with 22,000 m2 of covered space and a similar exterior surface area.