The Boatshed Manifesto:
Outside of its manifesto, Boatshed clearly has a whole range of different missions,roles, as well as processes and technology, but it’s the manifesto that sits within the heart of Boatshed and Boatshed has retained these values and this philosophy since its formation two decades ago.

Marriage guidance for boats:
Boatshed understands that a brokerage and the sale of boats is not really about selling boats at all. Boatshed embrace the philosophy of willing buyer and willing seller. It is the broker or boat sales professional’s job to maintain the willing buyer and willing seller status quo, whether that be through negotiation on behalf of the seller or understanding every aspect of a particular buyers needs, ideas and as well as the potential uses that the boat is for. The reason that buyers and sellers need a third party to help sell the boats, outside of advertising and all the normal stuff that’s required, is the clear, sympathetic understanding of a go-between between parties. Clearly, you cannot force anyone to buy a boat in the same way that you cannot force anyone to sell a boat. It is the clear understanding and mediation between both parties as well as understanding the passions and relationships that we all have with boats that is the key to successful yacht brokerage and modern boat sales.

Hi-Tech Hi-Touch
Boatshed strives to continually push the boundaries in terms of developing
technology that helps both buyers, sellers and brokers to conduct boat sales,
brokerage and financial transactions as quickly, as easily and as simply as possible. We also understand that brokerage is not just a technology and process issue, it’s also a people issue. We only sell boats if we have Boatshed representation on the ground where the boat is being sold. This means that not only can we offer high levels of international reach and a network that spans most territories on the globe, we can also help where the actual boat sale is taking place. We understand that the sale and purchase of a boat can sometimes be a logistical nightmare; keys, documents, boat lifts, surveyors, sea trials, repairs, maintenance, as well as all of the other local logistics and nightmares that occur, we endeavour to always have Boatshed representation and assistance to help locally.

There’s no such thing as too much information.
Boatshed understands that if you’re buying a boat, the challenge and resources required to travel to see that boat are considerable. Therefore, Boatshed continually strives to make sure that more and more information in different formats is available for the boats that it sells. As the first company to put boat sales onto the web, the first company to introduce lots of photographs, we’re always looking for new ways that boat buyers can get a full, clear, transparent understanding of the boat that they’re interested in before they have to travel. Video, VR, next will be digital smell.
A big part of Boatshed’s manifesto is to make sure not only is the information clear but it’s standardised regardless of the particular boat that you’re interested in. A rowing boat, a racing boat, a daysailer or a superyacht; transparency and stacks of information are the Boatshed trademarks.