Ian Wyllie, who bought a boat via Boatshed IOW in February 2021 is taking on the challenge of sailing around Britain single handed. Here is his latest update:

A 245 mile sail from Rossaveal, Galway Bay to Islay, Scotland, completed Trilleen’s passage round the west of Ireland.

The passage north from Rossaveal required rounding Galway and Connemara the part of Ireland which sticks furthest west out into the Atlantic. Ian had to deal with failed electronics, light winds and the possibility of entering harbours in the dead of night. He takes it all in his stride and safely arrived in Port Ellen.

From Galway Bay to Islay

Want to find out more?
You can follow Ian and his trip at SailingTrilleen.org once stopovers are confirmed, they will be updating the website.

If you'd like to donate to the Andrew Cassell Foundation this can also be done via the website. All funds go directly to the the Foundation.