Friday, 25 January 2019

THE BOAT – Van de Stadt – REBEL 41 Ketch

The boat is owned by Neil and Mandy Chapman, who bought her in 1996.

Designer: Van de Stadt
Builder: Tylers, Shoreham
Year: 1976
LOA: 41 ‘6″
LML: 33′ 0″
Beam: 11′ 0″
Draught: 7′ 0″

Cruising includes, Denmark, Ireland, Med, Caribbean.

As many people will know, Boatshed was formed in 1999 by founders Neil and Mandy Chapman, specifically to help fund their love of sailing and living aboard. Neil and Mandy bought their existing boat, Supertaff – 42 foot Van de Stadt Ketch – in 1996 having refurbished her, sailed her and had lots of adventures, including being shipwrecked and undergoing a salvage claim and rebuilding the boat. They opened the first Boatshed business in 1999 and have cruised and set up more Boatshed's around the world since then.

Following the purchase of their headquarters in Gosport, Portsmouth UK, the boat has recently become less of a home but still is continuing its adventures. The boat now, still in its original format, Neil and Mandy favour a very simple kiss approach to sailing. The boat is GRP but has very classic lines but its sail handling, mechanical and electrical symbols are as simple as possible; manual windlass’, manually pumped water and a lack of water makers or generators makes it a simple and cost-effective cruising boat to keep at hand. It’s also kept ready to move at a moment’s notice.

The ARC takes around 200 boats from the Canaries over to St Lucia, across the Atlantic and the route will take anywhere from 19 to 24 days, as long as everything works to plan. Whilst on the cruise down to the Canaries, Boatshed has already opened discussions with potential partners in the Algarve, Portimao, as well as Lanzarote. The whole idea of Supertaff’s Boatshed ARC’s mission is to carry the mission flag of the Boatshed organisation. This involves essentially recruiting more boats to sell and potentially people and individuals in those locations to help sell them.

As we know, Boatshed has grown from a small yacht brokerage organisation to now having successful brands and operating its boat sales services across 16 different countries. Neil says, “The ARC seemed to us like an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who, like us, having been through a life changing sailing event are looking for ways in the future to secure income and create revenue streams.”

Neil & Curt 2018 did the double handed Atlantic Rally for Cruisers arriving in St Lucia after 20 days.