Vanishing Sail has been making waves all over the world at film festivals and special event screenings and now West Indies Boat building Culture comes to Saint Leonards-on-Sea when the beautiful Kino-Teatr will resonate with the sound of caulking mallets on a wooden hull taking shape on a beach in Carriacou, the Land of Reefs!

On the island of Carriacou in the West Indies, the last wooden sailboat builder dreams of
saving a great tradition passed down the generations from Scottish settlers that sailed there centuries ago. The film follows Alwyn's journey over three years, from hauling trees with his sons, to a final traditional launching ceremony. Stories of the old Caribbean - trading by sail and smuggling contraband interweave a tribute to the independent spirit of a small island community.

If this thing gone from here, everything gone you know...

Alwyn Enoe


Kino-Teatr, 43-49 Norman Road, Saint Leonards-on-sea. TN38 0EQ

“Boatshed, famous for disrupting the brokerage trade with innovations, is very pleased to partner with the creative and innovative film maker Indian Creek Films. We at Boatshed have a real passion for boating and sailing, and a fine film like Vanishing Sails helps people to know the great experience of sailing.”


A fascinating story of personal perseverance, ribald tales of smuggling at sea and the completion of the beautiful wooden sloop in a race against time to enter the thrilling Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

Wooden Boat

An insightful and poignant documentary that is part social history and part Herzogian portrait of resilience and determination in a far-flung locale.


A haunting, captivating story that will pull heart-strings and etch in the mind of every viewer.

Classic Boat


Derek Walcott