Proven system that really works.
Boatshed Virtual Viewings technology is a proven effective method of selling boats. We have always offered Virtual Viewings but during lockdowns they have been very effective. Recently Boatshed brokers reported that several customers purchased boats on the strength of the Virtual Viewing only.
Boatshed can also offer the facility to adjust contractual terms so that the decision to finally purchase is retained until the lockdown is over. Either way our Virtual Viewings are a great way to reach a decision to purchase when access to the vessel is challenging.

Book your Virtual Viewing online.
Log into your Boatshed account and use the Viewing Booking form to arrange a time and date.
(Please ensure your viewing has been confirmed by our Boatshed broker as boats can sometimes be unavailable for viewings.)

Live and direct.
You will be in a live video conference call with the broker whilst he/she is on the boat. Most tours take about an hour.

Timing is really important.
It is vital that you attend the virtual viewing at the time arranged as the broker will have made arrangements to be on board the boat at this time. The logistics to set up a Virtual Viewing are complex, bookings, travel, access, plus cooperation with the owner and Marina facility. Please be on time for the virtual meeting.

What to expect on your Virtual Viewing.
It is the boatshed brokers job to manage the virtual viewing and to make sure that the session is as valuable to you the customer as possible.
To facilitate this the broker will implement a structured series of walkthroughs of the boat and will take questions at the end of each section.
The broker will be able to revisit any areas or items on the boat that you require more information on.
During these virtual walkthroughs please note down any questions or areas you want to revisit so that you can ask the broker to facilitate.

Preparation pays dividends.
Some of our most successful virtual viewings involve customers preparing a list of questions prior to the virtual viewing that the broker can then research and pay special attention to these areas and items during the virtual viewing.

We want to make sure that all virtual viewings give the maximum benefit to potential purchases please note that considerable logistics may need to be arranged prior to a virtual viewing make sure you give the broker as much notice as possible when requesting a virtual viewing.

The Broker will contact you after your online request and discuss logistics and technology choices,

Good connection is vital.
Make sure you have a good wifi or 4g data connection. Most technical difficulties occur when connection speed is slow. If you cannot attend the Virtual Viewing with the decent connection speed then please let the broker know so the viewing can be rearranged. Test you speed HERE

Great Results
Learn from Boatshed Portsmouth about the success using Virtual Viewings HERE

The small print
Some vessels particularly during lockdown maybe inaccessible and therefore it is impossible for the local Boatshed broker to undertake a virtual viewing, plus each Boatshed broker has a busy diary and may not be able to conduct a virtual viewing at the time specified. Please be patient as travel and logistics take time. Virtual Viewings are dependant on a number of factors and logistics, so Boatshed may have to suspend or cancel viewings without notice. Virtual Viewings are only offered to clients who have a clear interest in the boat for sale and some pre-qualification steps prior to a virtual viewing will take place before a Virtual Viewing is agreed.