At Boatshed Essex we love boats. We love the way you can stay in a different place each night without needing to unpack. The way that you can keep your favourite home comforts with you on board. The way that we’re always learning and improving our boat handling skills. If friends or family are up for pitching in then it can even improve your relationships. Yet if you feel a little too close to your family on board you can get some ‘space’ by heading off to the bow deck to read a book! If you need to put even more space between yourself and your nearest and dearest you can volunteer to take the dinghy to the shore to explore, or replenish supplies.
People love boating and sailing because of the sense of freedom it brings, and the exhilaration of being close to nature. Being on the water can awaken and stimulate your senses; and yet at the same time it is relaxing to be free from your daily life ashore.
If you’re into powerboats you’ll enjoy a quick getaway, leave at any time, head off in any direction and be able to plan what time you’ll arrive. Power boats have shallower drafts, which means you can access shallower water and get closer to the shore if you want to. If you like fishing you can trawl on a powerboat. Your power is at the touch of a button, so there’s less physical effort than with sailing.
However, as a sail boat depends on the power of the wind it is more environmentally friendly. Your distance travelled won’t depend so much on fuel consumption. You can quietly cross oceans feeling at one with the forces of nature. It’s cheaper to run a sailboat engine than a powerboat engine and the further you travel the more cost effective it becomes. If you’re adventurous and like the physical side of life then sailing could be for you.
People often fall into one of these two camps. Which kind of boater are you? Join us on Facebook and let us know what you love about boating and sailing.

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Peggy Melmoth

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